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Fostering growth and developing relationships through community access and family empowerment

Inspired by the children and families we’ve served

Families of children with Autism are faced with unique challenges that can significantly impact access to the community. These challenges can complicate seemingly small tasks, such as stopping at the store or going to an appointment. Due to this, outings can be incredibly stressful and result in meltdowns and feelings of isolation or stigmatization. Participate by Tate, uses the principles of applied behavior analysis to create straightforward, ethical tools to help parents plan and run successful community outings that hopefully, over time, translate to meaningful community ties. Everyone can learn!


Community is the base upon which children build meaningful relationships and extended support systems. Through patience, practice and planning, children are able to participate and build connections that directly translate to learning, growth, and confidence.


Families of children with Autism are faced with a unique set of challenges . This can lead to limitations around community-based activities and sometimes, result in isolation. At Tate, understand that learning extends beyond school and home. 

What You'll Find

Here, you will find ABA-based Best Practices, Tips and videos for planning community outings. Ultimately, through practice, patience and community support, these tools can help you facilitate successful outings and positive experiences!

Using our Best Practices…


  • Plan your trip
  • Preview the plan with your child
  • Have an exit strategy planned


  • Practice outings.

  • Start small.

  • Gradually build up to more time.


  • Celebrate the small successes

  • Have something fun planned right after.

  • Give praise!



  • What worked?
  • What didn’t?
  • Should we try something new next time?


    Remember to be kind to yourself! It takes time, patience and practice. Some days are better than others and that is okay!

    View Our Parents PREP Worksheet

    Download and use our PREP Guide to ensure a better outing.