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Tate Early Learning

Earliest possible specialized support for children showing signs of Autism and their families


We bring together the joy of learning and a commitment to science to help each child grow.

If you are concerned your baby or toddler may have Autism and

you are waiting for an assessment Tate Early Learning can help

Tate Early Learning is a Free Parent-Training and Consultation Program for Families Awaiting Assessment for Autism

When young children have significant delays in speech, social interactions, and other early signs of Autism, every day counts. Many children experience long wait times prior to assessment and the start of comprehensive services. Early action can help jump-start valuable skills and improve long term quality of life. Tate Early Learning offers the earliest possible specialized support for eligible children and their families.

Earliest Individualized Evidence-Based Support

Backed by the science of Applied Behavior Analysis, Tate Early Learning families learn how to create an optimal learning environment and promote child development through “play without pressure,” building communication skills, increasing flexibility and tolerance skills, and responding effectively to challenging behavior.
Interactive parent training sessions take place with your child in your home or in our clinic. Families work with a Tate Behavioral Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) or a Lead Behavioral Instructor. Sessions are typically 90 minutes once or twice per week scheduled weekdays between 9 AM and 3 PM for at least 6 weeks.

Child Eligibility

Eligible children are:

  • Showing early signs of Autism as documented by a pediatrician, Early Intervention provider, or parent-completed M-CHAT-R/F screening tool.
  • Scheduled (confirmed date/time) for a diagnostic assessment with a Developmental Pediatrician, Neurologist, or Clinical Psychologist to discuss signs of Autism, or have submitted all paperwork to request an assessment (and are on a waiting list for an appointment).
  • Available for consistent weekly parent-training sessions with at least one parent for 6 weeks or more in your home or in our clinic.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Free services while you await an Autism assessment:

  • Our weekly individual parent training and consultation program is free to your family while you wait to find out if your child will be diagnosed with Autism and become eligible for comprehensive insurance-funded services.
  • Services end when:
    • The child is diagnosed with Autism. At this point, we can provide referrals for comprehensive services from Tate or other providers. Services may continue while waiting for Tate Behavioral insurance-funded services to begin.
    • The child is not diagnosed (was assessed and did not receive a diagnosis). We will offer one final consultation session and provide appropriate referrals other services as appropriate.
  • Spots are extremely limited. There may be a wait list.

Compassionate Science
Tate Early Learning is progressive ABA with heart.
We work hard to create and maintain learning environments where children are happy, relaxed, and engaged while they learn important skills for life.

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Kelley St. Clair, MA, BCBA, LABA

Executive Clinical Director


Call: 413-779-4023, ext. 3

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What is Tate Early Learning?

Tate Early Learning is a program of Tate Behavioral. We offer FREE in-home parent consultation based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to families with children at risk for Autism whom are awaiting formal diagnostic assessments or intensive ABA services. Many children with Autism have to wait months to begin needed services. Tate Early Learning wants to shorten that wait time and give parents the help they need as soon as possible.

Our future goal is to conduct scientific research on the efficacy of ABA-based interventions in children at risk for Autism at the earliest possible ages.

Is Tate Early Learning really free? What’s the catch?
Yes, it’s really free. There is no catch. There are no fees, bills, co-pays or insurance claims of any kind. The program is offered as a free community service to eligible families. Tate Behavioral is donating employee time and resources to this program.
Why is Tate Behavioral offering this free service?
We know that every minute counts for a young child at risk for Autism. We see too many families waiting too long for critical supports and services due to long wait lists for diagnosis and treatment. We have the ability to help, so we want to offer that help to families during this important time of child development. Eventually, we want to conduct research on how ABA can best help very young children at risk for Autism.
How much time will I spend with my Tate Early Learning team?
The number and intensity of home visits will vary depending on your family’s needs and staff availability. We will work with you to develop a schedule that is best for you and your child. We offer ongoing weekly or bi-weekly consultation as well as intensive short term consultation to “jump start” your child’s learning.
What will happen during home visits?
Your Tate Early Learning team will take 1 to 3 visits to complete an initial assessment of your child’s skills and areas of need as well as your key concerns. In future sessions, staff will coach you to interact with your child in ways that support your child’s communication and social skills, play skills and independence, and cooperation. They will teach you how to address concerning behaviors and how to prevent future problem behaviors from developing. Much of the time is spent playing on the floor with you and your child while you practice the skills you are learning. Sessions are designed to be fun, practical, and immediately useful to you and your family.
What can I do to prepare for my Tate Early Learning home visits?

We want you and your child to get as much as possible out of your sessions.  During each session, you’ll want to focus all your attention on your child and learning new skills.

  • Please do your best to help your child be awake, well rested, and as comfortable as possible before we start. It may be helpful to change her diaper and/or give him a little snack before we arrive. If your child rests before our visit, we recommend waking him at least 15 minutes before we arrive.
  • Please turn off the TV.
  • Please put away your phone.
  • Please help other children and pets stay occupied with other activities throughout our visits. If possible, please arrange for another adult to supervise your other children.
Will Tate Early Learning provide services to my child at school or day care?
No. Tate Early Learning is an in-home parent training and consultation program. Services are provided to the child’s parents or primary caregivers in the child’s home.
Is Tate Behavioral or Tate Early Learning an Early Intervention Specialty Service Provider?
No. Tate Behavioral is a private agency offering Applied Behavioral Analysis services in homes, schools, and the community. We are not affiliated with the Massachusetts Early Intervention system. Tate Early Learning is a free program offered to eligible families who also may or may not be eligible for Early Intervention services such as consultation from a developmental specialist, social worker, nurse, occupational therapist, speech therapist and/or physical therapist. Families who are receiving Early Intervention Autism-Specialty Services (ABA or DIR/Floortime) are not eligible for simultaneous Tate Early Learning services
Is Tate Early Learning encouraging families to circumvent the Early Intervention process?

No. Tate Behavioral and Tate Early Learning greatly value the Early Intervention system and encourage families to actively engage in all appropriate Early Intervention services whenever those services are available. When those services are not immediately available, we want to help families do all they can to support their children’s healthy development while they wait. Tate Behavioral values collaboration with other agencies and providers who are working to help families.

Tate Early Learning is available to families regardless of their eligibility for Early Intervention services. However, families who are receiving Early Intervention Autism-Specialty Services (ABA or DIR/Floortime) or similar intensive interventions from other providers are not eligible for simultaneous services from Tate Early Learning.

How does the Tate Early Learning program differ from other insurance-based services available from Tate Behavioral?

Tate Early Learning offers twice weekly in-home sessions designed to help parents address common concerns in children at risk for Autism. Services are available without an Autism diagnosis and without insurance. The program follows an ABA-based parent consultation and training model that emphasizes parent-child interactions.

Tate Behavioral’s insurance-based services require an Autism diagnosis and follow a medical treatment model. Services are typically much more intensive and involve direct intervention with the child. Tate’s individualized services take place at home and in the community several days per week for up to 30 hours per week. Services are designed to support individuals’ independence, functional skills, and successful participation in family life and in the community.