Tate At Home


We provide home and community-based services funded through health insurance. Through ongoing assessment and communication we collaborate with families to identify appropriate goals and treatment objectives that build socially significant behavior and are individualized to each client and their family. We use standard behavioral assessments such as Functional Behavioral Assessment/Analysis, the VB-MAPP (Verbal Behavior Milestones and Placement Program), the ABLLS and the AFLS.

Are you seeking help at home for your struggling child?

Does your child need help with basic life skills, safety, communication, self-regulation or community access?

Are you waiting for an assessment or intensive services?

Parent training and consultation for families new to Autism

  • Find out what you can do right now to help your child with developmental delays while you wait for an assessment.
  • Jump start your child’s learning while you wait for more intensive ABA services to start.
  • Learn how to
    • Increase child speech, communication, and social skills
    • Boost your child’s play skills and independence
    • Solve problems like tantrums, ignoring your instructions, aggression, self-injury, and other behaviors

    Participants must meet ALL of the following requirements

    • Live in Western Massachusetts
    • Children 9 to 36 months (6+ months if an older sibling is diagnosed with Autism)
    • Positive M-CHAT screening or similar screening
    • Child and at least 1 parent or primary care provider must be available for in-home consultation sessions scheduled between 9 am and 3 pm.
    • Parent(s) must be committed to full participation in all visits and additional daily carry-over activities.

    Additional information

      • Children who have already been formally diagnosed with Autism and are waiting for intensive ABA services may participate if they are not scheduled to begin services with another provider.
      • Children may participate if they are receiving traditional Early Intervention services (Developmental specialist, OT, SLP, PT), but not if they are receiving or scheduled to begin “specialty” Autism services (ABA, DIR/Floortime) with another provider within 6 weeks from the date of application.
      • Due to the parent-training and consultation nature of this program, this service will not be delivered at day cares or pre-schools.
      • We regret that we are only able to offer services in English at this time.

    Many children wait months for critical services to start.

    You can do something to help your child right now.

    We’re here to help. Contact Us!

    Abby Wellspeak, MA, BCBA, LABA

    Director of In-Home ABA

    Email: [email protected]

    Call: 413-779-4023, ext. 4


    How do I know if I'm covered?
    Start by contacting us! We can help you determine what services you are eligible for. You can also send a copy of the front and back of your insurance card with your information to our secure fax at 413-517-0379.
    What's Covered?

    The ARICA law mandates that private insurance companies, and Mass Health, cover in home behavioral analytic services to individuals with a diagnosis of Autism.

    Depending on the need, insurance companies can cover direct care workers, oversight by a BCBA, and social skills groups.

    Who Covers It?

    If eligible, the insurance carrier covers the cost, in it’s entirety, unless the family has a copay.

    What if there’s a co-pay for services?

    If there is a co-pay, the family is responsible for that portions. In some instances, this is able to be paid through Mass Health, if the child has coverage and upon specific approval.