Located in Western MA, Tate Behavioral provides home, school and community based services utilizing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. We serve individuals with disabilities and their families.  This includes those diagnosed with ASD and other developmental disabilities, cognitive disabilities and emotional disabilities.  We specialize in treating clients whose behavioral repertoires limit their community access and independence, and who may engage in significantly unsafe behavior.

“Our purpose is to create lasting, socially significant behavior change.”

Christina Rizzo

Owner, Tate Behavioral

Our Services

We are thorough, consistent, and adaptable across environments.

School Services


We provide comprehensive data and assessment driven programming across a variety of levels of support in the school setting. The level of support stems from the individual to include the team, teachers, classrooms, and wider school community.

Professional Development


Within the scope of professional development we are flexible in terms of topics, content, and duration. PD can be attained on an hourly basis or as a full series to include multiple professional development days throughout the school year. While our goal is to work individually with schools to meet their unique needs, some previously covered topics include:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Classroom instruction and management
  • Behavior management
  • SUPPORT – de-escalation and physical management
  • Inclusion
  • Assessment and behavior plan development
  • Data driven goals and programming
  • Effective staff training
Direct and Wraparound Services


As a “core value” we believe that everyone has the right to reach their fullest potential. In doing so, we recognize that the behavior of each student has been built and developed across learning environments. We are happy to offer highly trained behavioral instructors to help support students in the classroom. Treatment provided consistently across environments has been scientifically validated as the most effective treatment over time. Our role in providing consultation and wrap around services for students is to increase effective communication across team members, further build and develop skills, and teach generalization.

Assessment and Evaluation


Be it for an initial assessment, determination of eligibility, a three-year eval, or an independent evaluation our team of highly trained Behavior Analysts and Behavioral Instructors can work with you to meet the needs of your student. We pride ourselves on maintaining the principles of our science through conducting thorough, data driven, outcome-based assessments to include comprehensive recommendations and follow up.

Typical area of Assessment Include:

  • Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)
  • Functional Analysis
  • Skills assessments including (VB-Mapp, ABLLS, and others)
  • Ecological Assessment
  • Consultation

Consultation can be provided on an individual student, program/classroom, or school-wide need. Need and scope of consultation will be determined on an individualized basis but can include school, home, “professional development”, and “wrap around services”

In-Home ABA Services


We provide home and community-based services funded through health insurance. Our focus is to run data-driven, effective programming concentrating on teaching functional daily living and community-based skills. 



Through ongoing assessment and communication we collaborate with families to identify appropriate goals and treatment objectives that build socially significant behavior and are individualized to each client and their family. We use standard behavioral assessments such as Functional Behavioral Assessment/Analysis, the VB-MAPP (Verbal Behavior Milestones and Placement Program), the ABLLS and the AFLS.




Once assessment is complete and goals have been identified, we structure appropriate teaching/learning opportunities in the home and community. Activities could look to address the following objectives:

  • Hygiene and self-care
  • Teaching language and communication skills
    • Spoken language, picture based communication and/or AAC devices
  • Increasing language to include advanced conversation skills and socially appropriate language
  • Targeting social skills and appropriate peer interaction
  • Organization and learning readiness such as navigating first then contingencies, utilizing a schedule and organizer, managing tasks throughout the day, and self reporting on events
  • Community readiness skills such as pedestrian safety, “stranger danger”, etc.
  • Community exposure
Intake Process


The initial intake process includes eligibility and verification of benefits, determination of need and seeking approval for assessment. At Tate, we believe that clients and their families should move quickly through the assessment process. Therefore, clients initially are put on an intake and/or waiting list until a clinician and potential staff has been identified. Once those steps have been completed, we will initiate the assessment process and move directly into treatment and programming. For initial requests for treatment and intake please contact us.

Accepted Healthcare Providers

About Us

We are known for being thorough, data driven and passionate.

What we believe most strongly, relevant to our practice, is that while we publish important core values here, our greatest strengths can be best identified in and through our actions.

We Believe...

  • That anyone can learn.
  • That everyone has the right to reach their fullest potential.
  • That communication, safety, independence and contribution to one’s community should remain the focus at all levels of instruction.

We are committed...

  • To making objective, data-driven decisions.
  • To fostering strong relationships with families and our community.
  • To strive for measurable change regardless of the severity or intensity of the behavioral need.
  • To remaining consistent with the science of Behavior Analysis as it applies to all individuals.


How do I know if I'm covered?

Start by contacting us! We can help you determine what services you are eligible for. You can also send a copy of the front and back of your insurance card with your information to our secure fax at 413-517-0379.

What's Covered?

The ARICA law mandates that private insurance companies, and Mass Health, cover in home behavioral analytic services to individuals with a diagnosis of Autism.

Depending on the need, insurance companies can cover direct care workers, oversight by a BCBA, and social skills groups.

Who Covers It?

If eligible, the insurance carrier covers the cost, in it’s entirety, unless the family has a copay.

What if there’s a co-pay for services?

If there is a co-pay, the family is responsible for that portions. In some instances, this is able to be paid through Mass Health, if the child has coverage and upon specific approval.

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